"Appalling level of care!!"

About: The Royal London Hospital / Maternity

I gave birth here in March 2016. I had an appointment to be induced at 8am (I was already 40 +10). When I arrived, I was told that 'there were no more beds'. Shockingly, I was advised to 'go elsewhere' even though I had an appointment. I refused to leave as I was too scared to go to a random place 2 hours away as they had suggested, in the morning traffic. They finally made me go to random people throughout the day and finally gave me a bed at 7pm. I asked to see a doctor as I wanted advice - a midwife at my last visit had told me that the baby was too large for my small frame and a natural birth may be risky. The midwife told me they will go find a doctor - I never saw a doctor until the next day (more about this later). I was shortly hooked up for an epidural as I had requested and finally I was due to give birth in the morning. When I was giving birth (after 12 hours on the bed) and the baby's head was peeking out, a doctor finally came and told me that there were complications as the baby was too large for me. Why did you not come yesterday? The doctor said I had no choice but to put me on stronger epidural drugs and to make me push as hard as possible as may be an emergency c-section was too late. I was horrified. I could lose my baby as a result of the utter shortage of doctors!!! Thank God, my daughter is alive. I suffered a lot of tears and cuts as a result. After the labour, I was whisked off to the post-labour ward at 10pm. This was a place of my nightmares. I never felt more alone and sad in my entire life. I asked for help with the baby as no visitors were allowed. I didn't know how to breastfeed and I was clearly struggling to feed my baby. I was told a nursing midwife would come - they finally came and gave me a couple of syringes to 'squeeze some milk out' for the baby. They didn't even teach me how to use or do this! I didn't manage to feed the baby and worried that my baby would starve! I asked for water. I was told to get up, given a tiny beaker, walk halfway around the department and get it myself even though I was in utter pain and could barely walk properly. I didn't manage to get more water after that. You could have at least given me a large jug to last me the night? I asked for help to change the baby as the baby had peed all over the sheets and me - I was given none! I cried to myself. Shame on you - you night midwives!!! Next morning, luckily a student midwife came to check on me after the night shift had ended. The student midwife was nice, taught me how to manually express (Thanks to them I didn't give up on breastfeeding!), taught me to change the baby properly and helped me get water. I had severe blood loss after my labour and had chest and breathing problems so I was being monitored. I asked to be discharged as I definitely din't want to stay another night, a doctor came to see me after 3 hours of waiting and told me I had to stay a few more nights. I refused and signed a form to discharge myself. I was that scared to stay one more night!

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