"Partner had pneumonia and pleurisy"

About: Dr Gray's Hospital / Respiratory Medicine (Breathing and Lung Problems)

(as a relative),

Partner had severe pain in his ribs and was sent to dr grays by his own gp (they were going to get an ambulance). I drove him there, the minute we arrived the care was great.

After being sent home after a few hrs with antibiotics and pain relief I found myself having to dial 101 as he couldn't breathe properly and was in a great deal of discomfort. I couldn't take him in the car the way he was and the ambulance was going to take 45mins. When it did come they recommended they take him to dr grays as his stats were low and they could tell he was in a great deal of pain. They left the house by 4am.

I called the hospital at 5:30 to see how he was as I was worried. To be told to make my way down, they were sorting out pain management and being let out.

Made the 30 mile journey (again) to get there and he wasn't much better than he was when he left with the ambulance. The nurse stood and watched him try get off the bed in a lot of pain and asked me to take the car closer so it would be easier for him. She stood by him as he struggled to make his way out. This took quite a while as he was in severe pain and needed many stops before reaching the out doors.

She asked me again to move it into the ambulance bay which I did. She then said don't take him back here but do phone NHS 24 as they can send a doctor out and maybe give him injections of pain relief or antibiotics. Then proceeded to say.. think we will probably see him later anyway as I think he will be admitted as he doesn't look well. She stood and watched him squirm as he tried to get in the car.

He knew himself he shouldn't have been leaving that hospital and when someone is in that amount of pain and you have a professional stand there and watch you in that pain is disgusting. I was horrified and mortified that they would let someone out of their care in that amount of pain.

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