"Never again"

About: University College Hospital / Accident and emergency

Have tried to remain open-minded about UCLH, but enough is enough. Arrived at an empty A&E -- but took reception 10 minutes to put me in computer system. When brought in to see intake nurse, they were in training and I kept hearing their supervisor correct what the nurse was telling me. The nurse decided I should go to urgent care for what appeared to be a broken foot [I couldn't walk]. They paged a wheelchair 3x -- after 45 minutes, the same nurse *laughed* and suggested i walk across the hospital. So I did..... At urgent care there was no one at reception/the desk. When I finally got seen -- after hopping around to try to find anyone that worked there, the doctor was lovely and told me my foot was definitely broken. Definitely. The nurse said they would put a boot on my foot... 45 minutes later I inquired if the boot was coming and was told they couldn't find a boot anywhere so I would be getting a plaster cast... I asked if I could go to another hospital/doctor/anywhere to get a boot. Was released [ushered out] with zero instructions on follow-up care, what I could/couldnt do, instructions, anything..... wanted to chalk that experience up to a series of bad luck until I showed up for my appointment at Fracture Clinic. It was a disaster from start to finish - they were running 2hrs45mins behind on appointments. The nurses were apologetic but not in a position to do anything about the delays. The consultant left to get lunch [or something?] When I finally got brought in to be seen [at 2hr15 mark] all I could hear was a consultant loudly complaining about the backlog and how they didnt want to see patients from the consultant who left, how we werent their problem... And so on. A different doctor came to see me about 20mins after that and didnt introduce them-self and started barking questions about where my x-rays were [how should I know?] until I asked the nurse to find their supervisor. The registrar who ultimately saw me was lovely... But a rare bright spot followed up by several hospital staff being brusque/unhelpful. Really, really disappointing.

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