"I enjoy giving blood and saving lives as a result!"

About: Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

(as the patient),

I've been giving blood on a regular basis since 2006 and have given 28 pints of A+ in that time.

I have donated in several locations, my hometown - Kirriemuir, my current town I live in - Forfar, as well as Dundee, Ninewells Hospital (static) and a few other places.

My experience of giving blood has always been a positive one every time, start-to-finish, regardless of the location.

The staff are wonderful, friendly, chatty and of course professional in what they do. They appear to follow procedures to the letter, and every stage of giving blood is done thoroughly and safely. From reviewing your questionnaire form, to using hand rubs between patients, nothing gets past them!

It can be a bit of a wait at times, especially if you have just walked-in, and not booked ahead of time, but it can also be busy with lots of people waiting to give blood! Not a bad sign though is it?

I'm proud to say I have never fainted, but I have seen fellow donors faint and the staff were quick to attend to the victim and bring them round.

Of course the best bit is getting a cuppa and a biccy at the end! Free reward!

On a serious note however, the staff here in Angus/ Tayside are wonderful and take great care of their donor patients. If the donation experience was rubbish, dangerous or just poor, it would probably put me off from donating ever again, but I am proud to say this is not the case. If anything I enjoy giving blood and saving lives as a result!

I also like their Rewards Scheme they have in place. Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and beyond are given when you reach those respective milestones in giving blood. To be fair, I had forgotten about them for a while, and so I was delighted when I was presented with my Silver Award and certificate in May last year for donating 25 pints! It's a real motivational booster to keep giving blood, and makes you feel rewarded and proud to have donated so many pints that have saved so many lives. Please do not scrap the Rewards Scheme!

On a final note, I also like keeping up to date on the Scottish National Blood Transfusions website for session dates, blood stocks news etc, as well as regular updates from their Facebook page, and they always respond quickly to questions from donors/ potential donors too. Great!

10/10 from me: -)

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