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(as the patient),

For the past 9 years I have felt lost in the healthcare system. I have since been diagnosed with Fibromylagia and associated depression.

I feel that the healthcare system could provide a far better service to patients with Fibromylagia. Through the years I have seen a number of health professionals: podiatrist, psychologist, psychiatrist, numerous gp's, counsellor' rheumotologist and pain clinic.

I have felt moved from pillar to post which may have been partially due to my mental health. I found the mental health service extremely useful and they supported me to access further support for Fibromylagia.

I particularly found the rheumatology appointment difficult. I suppose in hindsight I was still looking for another curable case for my aches and pains. I had been told by another health professional that the aches and pains were associated with my mood and basically I should stop hunting for a medical cause and accept it. When I was seen at rheumatology I was told I had Fibromylagia, given some leaflets and told about support groups to look up online. Medication was mentioned but none offered. I was told to exercise. I responded it was difficult to exercise when in pain. I was told to take painkiller but none was prescribed. I ended the appointment in tears. I later asked my gp for a physiotherapist referral but was told as not made by rheumatology it was not needed. The psychologist later referred me to the pain clinic. I was hesitant due to previous experiences. The physiotherapist at the pain clinic was the first person I felt really understood my condition and was supportive but I personally felt the pain clinic set up was not the most supportive for my condition.

I personally feel there needs to be increased awareness of Fibromylagia within nhs fife and the public. I also feel a Fibromylagia dedicated service may be able to provide the best individualised support. E. g prescribe medication for all aspects for the condition, cognitive behaviour therapy, exercise programmes, support with things such as life and critical illness insurance. I understand this is not likely due to budget but it would be nice for people to understand that I'm young but I'm limited in what I can do. I feel the fact I have been turned down for life and critical illness insurance sums up the lack of knowledge of this condition as I have never been off work with this condition. I would just like further suffers not to feel so lost and ignored.

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