"In-Patient Experience (post surgery) Was Not Good"

About: The Whittington Hospital / General surgery

Firstly to say the Surgical team were superb. 1st Class. So grateful. However post surgery I experienced multiple issues - even errors - by nursing staff which are troubling including: 1)Removal of 2nd cannula too early, so when phlebitis started in 1st one, the nurse pushed through medication which was pure agony for 45 minutes - they were being kind in taking their time, letting me have breaks to cope with pain, but at first consultation post surgery, consultant revealed this should not have been done - the med was clearly going into surrounding tissue, rather than vein, and a new cannula ought to have been put in. 2) Not being given diabetic med with my first 'meal' post surgery (this is being investigated via PALS); 3) Nurse not telling me to use a pillow against wounds each time I got out of bed which would have helped pain and strain - only told next day; 4) Being given milk after surgery when diet sheet provided with prior to surgery said I should have clear liquids first (being investigated); 5) Staff recorded I need lactose-free milk prior to surgery, but offered standard milk post surgery (stomach surgery so it was significant); 6) Staff had no time to find my spectacles for some 6 hours post surgery which was terribly distressing as I cant see anything without them; 7) Being discharged without telling me that my steri strips needed to be regularly changed - so when I turned up at first appointment post surgery, consultant was shocked to see that one wound was very inflamed, and causing much pain. (I was sent home with extra dressings which I changed regularly, but I was not told that steri strips also had to be changed, and was not provided with them). All these issues involved nursing, so I would be very anxious to be an in-patient again. All other staff - physio/pharmacy/doctors and main surgical team were wonderful. There is a huge mismatch here. I am terribly grateful to the Surgical Team. Some nurses were good and kind but too many errors by far. Finally to clarify: I only complained via PALS re some issues as at that point I was not made aware of all the mistakes or issues. I was made aware of 2 - regarding the steri strips and the 'forcing' through of med via cannula despite agony - on my first appointment after surgery, when consultant clarified things.

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