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About: Birmingham Women's Hospital / Maternity care

I reviewed my care when I had been here for 3 days, I have now spent a total of 14 nights here and can give a different perspective. The care care I recieved from the staff on ward 1 was excellent and continued for the 10 days I was there. The first issue I encountered was doctors seemingly not talking to each other or agreeing about the plan for me specifically delivering my twins, I was made to feel like I was a bit of a burden by one doctor and basically my condition was my own fault and they didn't agree with what my consultant had planned. That was before delivery. I had a lovely experience during my c-section everyone was wonderful. My first and second nights on ward 4 were fine, staff were busier and a bit more to the point but generally friendly helpful and caring. Then night 3 arrived and after an encounter with a midwife who clearly does not care about giving mothers choices and respect during their 'care' I was left distraught and desperate to leave as quickly as possible and my twins were traumatised for a while! As it happened, the senior midwife on the next day listened to me and suggested I make the complaint official which I did, the rest of the team were lovely but that one person completely ruined my experience. I happily retuned home with my twins only to be re-admitted when one of their jaundice took a turn for the worse. I was told that I needed to top up my babies breastfeeding with formula to try and get rid of the jaundice, which I did but when I asked for hot water to put in my bottles to prepare for later top ups later that night

I was told there is no hot water and I should have bought ready made! Not once was I told I couldn't use powder and considering I didn't even want yo give them the formula in the first place you'd think someone would mention it, well that was resolved by a lovely MA who found some ready made for me but the attitude of the midwife I asked for help from was appalling, the midwife basically told me it was tough and I wouldn't be able to feed them any formula, which obviously upset me as I was already panicking about my twins jaundice not getting better and I was scared about not following the doctors recommendations. Luckily the MA was there to comfort and help me. So my 2 weeks (so far) here have been very mixed. I think some staff members need to realise that just because they work here every day, see the same issues and worries from lots of women every day, this is a huge thing for the women bring admitted, it's a huge and scary time away from family, especially if you have to stay for any amount of time with other children missing you at home! Bedside manner re-training is a must for some of the 'know it all' staff members who can just go home and forget about the upset they might have caused in a very important time I women's lives. I am disappointed that I have to write this review as it is clearly only a few of bad apples in an otherwise good team! But they ruin it for everyone which is a shame.

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