"Waste of time"

I am very disappointed with the treatment I reviewed today. I had an neurologist appointment and the neurologist did not help me at all. I came out of the appointment in tears because of the reception I received from them. The neurologist was 10 minutes late to start which wouldn't bother me if the rest of the appointment had gone well but the neurologist didn't even give me enough time to explain all my symptoms.

I was probably only given about 15 mins. The neurologist made the decision that I am fine without seeing a further scan I am still waiting to have. The neurologist basically accused me of blowing things out of proportion. Well this is how it felt. A few weeks ago I was taken to Weston hospital where I was told I had something serious and the neurologist was saying they didn't think that was what I was told, basically saying I either heard them wrong or I really over-reacted when i had a friend to confirm what I was told at Weston. Iv already been through cancer which I dont think the neurologist knew about or if they did didn't take it into account...

Like I said the neurologist only heard some of my symptoms so they made a decision on what it was without me being being able to tell them everything and that the end they cut me of. I felt I was being pushed out the door (not physically) but the neurologist just cut me of talking.

I was about to explain more symtoms I had and they obs didn't want to know... shook my hand and said bye for now. I came out of there feeling completely unheard and very upset.

I dont know about the rest of the hospital as I only went for the neurologist and the receptionists were friendly so it's the neurologist I'm unhappy with!!!

I am def going to formally complain about this which is a shame I have to as stress makes me very ill but I think it was horrible the way I was made to feel. :(

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