"Angry with nurse"

About: Bradford Royal Infirmary

I was taken to Ward 28 following surgery for a broken hip. I had been informed that I needed 24 hours bed rest but could barely move anyway. The first morning I was on the ward one of the staff came asking if I had had a wash. Before I could say anything they had pulled my glasses off and shoved a cloth covered in soap solution over my face. As a result my eyes began to sting and my face felt tight. Once I was mobile I picked up the solution bottle. It was baby bath and the instructions stated avoid contact with eyes. My glasses are covered in scratches so I am faced with the expense of new ones. Later the same day I asked them to pass me the water and glass on my tray as I was unable to sit up and they were out of my reach. They snapped at me saying "You can do yourself" before doing as I had asked. On my last day on the ward the same person came with the medicine trolley and asked if I wanted anything. I said I did not as painkillers have little effect on me but they dispensed 2 paracetamol shoved them and a glass of water into my hands. Later on when dealing with my discharge. I had been issued with 2 Zimmer frames but they said that there would only be room on the patient transport for one. The nurse was insisting the the other Zimmer be picked up around 6pm and would not listen when I tried to explain that my sister would not be able to come up to the hospital until she finished work at 8pm. The nurse was asking for my sister's work contact number so they could speak to her directly then disappeared. When they returned they said that the transport would be able to take the second Zimmer and claimed that the Charge Nurse had been dealing with the transport though they had previously said they were sorting it personally. As I was able to hear what was happening at the nurse's station from my room I would have heard the Charge Nurse making any calls related to myself I did not hear any such calls. There was also confusion regarding whether all my medication would be available for discharge or whether it would have to be collected with the Zimmer. The medication was brought before I was taken to the discharge lounge. By this point I had been moved to a wheelchair the sister was literally in my face telling me what to do with the medication. She said to take my anti blood clotting pills in the mornings but I had been having anti blood clotting injections in the early evening which would have been in my dispensary notes. I would describe this nurse's manner as being forceful bordering on aggressive. I am middle aged not elderly I do not take kindly to being treated as if I am senile.

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