Activity statistics on Patient Opinion

On some Patient Opinion pages we show activity statistics. It may not always be clear what these numbers mean, so this page provides a little explanation.

Statistics on the home page

Stories told

This is the total number of stories you can read on Patient Opinion. It includes stories submitted directly to Patient Opinion, as well as stories which were submitted to NHS Choices and imported to Patient Opinion.

Staff listening

The is the total number of health service staff and learners (professionals in training) registered on Patient Opinion who can receive email alerts when we publish stories relevant to them. Some of these staff and learners can also post responses on the site.

These are only the staff we can count. We know that many other health service professionals, researchers and educators also use Patient Opinion, but are not registered to receive alerts or respond.

Stories receiving a response

This is the percentage of stories posted in the past 30 days which have received at least one response. The figure is based on stories submitted directly to Patient Opinion, not including stories imported from NHS Choices.

Because responses sometimes get posted after a delay, the percentage of stories with a response gradually increases over time. So the number we show here is lower than the percentage of stories on Patient Opinion which will eventually receive a response.

Responses to concerns leading to a change

Ultimately, we want stories on Patient Opinion to help improve health care - and to do so in ways which everyone can see and understand.

The number we show here is one way (but not the only way) to put a figure on the improvements which can result from patient and carer stories.

We show the percentage of responses where the response indicates that a change is planned, or has been made. But you would not expect a change to be made for every story - for example, about 45-50% of stories are entirely positive and no change is needed. You might only expect to see changes in response to stories which raise a concern.

So this figure only includes responses to concerns - that is, where there is at least something (even if it is only a tiny thing) which could be improved.

Again, because there can be a delay in a response appearing or a change being indicated, the percentage of responses to concerns which show a change increases gradually as you wait longer.

Are the numbers high enough?

Are the statistics on Patient Opinion higher than you expected, or lower than you expected?

The team at Patient Opinion works hard to involve, encourage and support health service organisations and staff in reading and responding to the stories people have contributed. We are not part of the NHS and there is only so much we can do.

But if you feel your local health services should be more involved, perhaps there is something you can do?