Online training and support

Although Patient Opinion is designed to be easy to understand and use, talking about the possibilities and the practicalities with a member of Patient Opinion's expert team can make all the difference.

That's why we include access to our online training and support programme each year as a core part of your subscription, at times to suit you and at no extra cost. Each session typically lasts 30 minutes and you can join in without leaving your desk!

Please note that these sessions are available only to organisations with a full Patient Opinion subscription.

What is WebEx?

WebEx is a form of online meeting which enables us to talk with you, and as many of your colleagues as you wish. The people attending the meeting don't need to be in the same place - anyone can join in so long as they have a computer connected to the Internet. If don't you have a headset for the computer, or a microphone and speakers, then you can use a phone to hear what's being said in the meeting.

It’s a really interactive, flexible and easy way to access training and support. One of the Patient Opinion expert team leads the session, show presentations and how to make the most of using the website and everyone can participate.

How does this help me?

Trying to get a group of staff into the same room at the same time can be really difficult, and sometimes near impossible. Organising a WebEx meeting can be a lot simpler:

  • everyone can be at their own desks, or even at home
  • we can show slides on other documents during the meeting
  • we can show the live Patient Opinion web site and demonstrate how to do a range of tasks
  • people can ask questions, verbally or by typing

Of course, there are some disadvantages too - mainly that you can't see people's expressions so it's a bit harder to know how people are reacting.

Overall, WebEx sessions are a great way to help bring colleagues up to speed with Patient Opinion.

What topics are available?

For full details of each of the topics, visit this page.

Here are the titles of each session:

  • Getting started with Patient Opinion
  • Meaningful responding
  • Generating stories
  • Managing your subscription
  • Running reports on your feedback

How to book your WebEx training or discussion

To arrange your session(s), first decide what you'd like the session to cover and what date(s) might be suitable.

Then simply click on the date that suits you best, fill out the form, and you're booked on. It's that simple!

When you get your confirmation email, click 'add this meeting to your calendar', which downloads a calendar item straight to your calendar.

You'll even get an email to remind you 30 minutes before the session.

Click on the link in your email 5 minutes before the sessions and follow the instructions. If you need any help with logging in to WebEx, here's a quick guide.

If you need any help or advice, call or email your usual subscriber support contact, or:

  • email:
  • phone: 0114 281 6256

Please note that these sessions are available only to organisations with a full Patient Opinion subscription.

How to find out more

To learn more about WebEx, visit the Cisco web conferencing site.

To learn more about Patient Opinion training, or the benefits of subscribing, please call or email us as above.