Guidance for Student Nurses

On the Patient Opinion website you will be able to tell your story anonymously and tag it to the appropriate service. Your feedback will be on a public platform and the right people will hear about your experiences. All stories on Patient Opinion are carefully moderated, which makes this is a safe process for both authors and staff.

Your story should include some elements to fit the following 2 headings:

  • Observations about the care experienced by patients you met during your placement. What was good about the care, what did you think could be improved? What did people do and what systems were in place to support good care? What was missing when improvement was needed?
  • How did the placement support your learning? This might include developing your skills or knowledge both theoretical and in practice. It might also include access to supervision, and any environmental factors which either helped or hindered your professional development in this time.

It’s very important to note that whilst we are inviting critical comments as well as positive ones, Patient Opinion should not be used as a means to flag up urgent concerns. These may include concerns about vulnerable adults, clinical practice or any elements of abuse that may put patients at risk. You should do this in the normal way as prescribed by your HEI.

    Dos and Don’ts

Do log in and identify yourself as a student nurse

Do tag your story to the right hospital or service

Do be critical if necessary but also be constructive and say what can change

Don’t name staff in critical postings

Don’t refer to yourself in an identifiable way

See here for an example of student nurse feedback. For detailed set-to step instructions on how to add feedback on the site, check out our short video below:

What happens after you send your feedback?

Your story will be read and moderated before it is published.  If Patient Opinion feels that your posting identifies you or staff in a way that could impact negatively, they will contact you to suggest changes.  They might also contact you if they feel that any substantial edits need to be made.

If you have any question, lease do contact us on